Gas analytical system “Analytic 001”

Gas-analytical systems “Analytic 001″ are designed for performing automatic continuous measurement of the volume maintenance of CO, CO2, CH4, SO2, NO, NO2, N2S, O2, etc. in gas outlet paths of industrial units in order to control the technological mode, optimize the combustion
process, carry out environmental monitoring of industrial emissions.

Various types of sensors are used as sensitive elements in system foreign and domestic manufacturing. The use of such integrated approach allows:

  • continuously and simultaneously measure the concentration of all gas components
  • expand ranges of measurements;
  • exclude situations when the sensor gets out of operation at periodic considerable excess of the range of test concentration.

Metrological characteristics of “Analytic 001”

Component Measurement range Measurement error (%)
CO 0-10% vol ± 5
CO2 0-20 % vol ± 5
H2 0-4 % vol ± 5
CH4 0-2000 ppm vol ± 5
NO 0-2000 ppm vol ± 10
SO2 0-4000 ppm vol ± 10
O2 0-50 % vol ± 2.5
NO2 0-1000 ppm vol ± 15
H2S 0-1000 ppm vol ± 15

General characteristics of “Analytic 001”:


Gas analytical system “Analytic 001”

Sensor type

Electrochemical, optical, etc

Sample preparation system

In sight

Special facilities

Not necessary, possible to deliver in autonomic thermostatic module

Autocalibration system

In sight

Manual calibration system

In sight, possible from the control station as well as remote working place

Distant diagnostics system

In sight, archiving of working data of the basic parameters of the system

Specialized software

Delivered together with the system as set of applications for Windows

Performing of unit of the system

IP54, particular units might be IP65

Type of communication

Digital: RS232 or Ethernet (TCP/IP)
analogue: 4 — 20 мА

Basic product includes:

  • gas analyzer
  • no-break power unit
  • probes of selection of gas samples
  • heated impulse track for gas samples transportation
  • sample preparation unit
  • portable terminal for carrying out service and calibration works
  • replacement components
  • manual

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