Gas analyzer “Analytic 001.01”

The automatic multifunctional gas analyzer “Analytic 001 – m” is designed for performing measurements of volume fraction of oxygen (O2), and also control of concentration of the content of carbon monoxide (CO) in air of working zone in order to assure the safety of work.

Range of application: unexplosive zones of facilities and external installations. The task of threshold values (one-two threshold) for each controlled parameter (CO, O2) and exit to external actuation mechanisms (dry contacts) in case of excess of the set thresholds of measurement is provided.

Metrological chacarteristics of “Analitik 001 – m”

Component Volume of the component concentration range * Measurement range of the volume of the component concentration Absolute error limits Nominal time of the measurement presentation 0.9 T
Absolute (%) Relative (%)
O2 0÷25% 0÷25% ±0,3% 45
0÷50% 0÷50% ±0,6%
CO 0÷100mln-1 0÷20 mln-1 ±4 mln-1 45
20÷100 mln-1 ±20
0÷500 mln-1 0÷50 mln-1 ±2,5 mln-1
50÷500 mln-1 ±5

*At delivery the range of measurements is approved by the customer and conditions of system operation

General characteristics of “Analytic 001 – m”:

Characteristic Gas analyzer “Analytic 001 – m”
Sensor type Electrochemical and optical sensors
Alert of personnel in case of exceeding threshold measurement Offline audio device (howler). Located inside the analyzer
Standby power supply In sight, inbuilt battery
Power, consumed by the gas analyzer when operating all-mains >15 Watt
Overall dimensions 243х137х75 mm
Specialized software Delivered together with the system as set of applications for Windows
Type of communication Digital: RS232 (RS422) analogue: 4—20 mА, information is shown on the digital inbuilt display

Basic product includes:

  • gas analyzer
  • passport
  • operation manual
  • service manual

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