Our Services

Technical maintenance

Our company offers a special technical maintenance service that includes:

  • Control of the right working status of all the system.
  • Revision of the individual elements and indicators
  • Replacement (cleaning) of different elements in the system
  • Integral service of the system

The technical maintenance is carried out in the subsidiary enterprises of our company (Cherepovets, Russia) and “FTS” Analitik” (Krivoy Rog, Ukraine)

Customized software under demand

Our enterprise prgrams customized software. This allows the client:

  • Greatly reduce the repetitive manual work (routine calculus, graphics, matrix, etc.)
  • Obtain especialized software in the customer’s field even if it wasn’t developed before
  • Don’t need a specialized programmer for the system’s control applications
  • Obtain network Software and database design
  • Applications for the automatization of production and business


Our company grants the training for the operary of the equipment directly in the enterprise of the costumer

Also our enterprise carries out yearly seminars for tecnicians. Our experts have more than 5 years experience, and the seminars are profitable not only for those using our products but also for the ones that want to improve the efficiency and control of the production process by using cutting edge methods

Our seminars include both theorical and practical classes. All seminar participants receive relevant materials in written form.

RC “Analytic” can make hotel reservations for seminar participants as well as organise excursions around St. Petersburg upon request.

The date of the next seminar can be consulted with our specialist Konukhina Irina Alekseevna +7(812) 388-38-14 or check in our news section.

Specific software design

We program the following software:

  • GUI application with graphic interface based on MFC, .NET, Qt
  • Cross platform applications based on Qt libraries. We can also program applications for Windows NT, Ubuntu, iOS, Android
  • Databases based on Oracle, MySQL, SQLite
  • Softwer for data transmission via COM, RS 485 or ethernet. Other methods are also possible


Problems we solve

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