Subsidiary enterprises

PF Analytic Ltd.

PF Analytic Ltd. is a subsidiary of “RC Analytic ” CC. The main purposes of the company are the manufacturing, starting-up and adjusting works, and upkeep of the equipment. Our staff includes the logistics department, subassembly sites and vacuum stations. The high qualification and professionalism of our employees allow us to solve the problems in a high quality way.


196084, Russia, St. Petersburg, Parkovaya str., Bl. 4.


Konukhina Irina A.


(812) 388-38-14
(812) 388-34-33


PSF Analytic Ltd.

In order to make our work more efficient and meet the needs and requirements of our customers, “RС” Analytic” CC pays great attention to the development of its representative offices in major industrial centers. In October 2005 «North-West» branch office of “RС Analytic” CC was established within the framework of this programme in Cherepovets, Russia. Its core staff includes former employees of “Severstal” PC and related organizations who have had additional training and internship in the main office in St. Petersburg.

The availability of machinery, warehouse, and vehicles permits to resolve service issues of gas analytical equipment directly at “Severstal” PC quickly and efficiently. Specialists of the branch office are actively involved in the mounting, starting-up and adjustment works as well as testing new technologies.

The geography of the branch office activity is steadily increasing. Its employees were involved in servicing the gas analytical systems “Granat” at “Metallurgical plant of Chelyabinsk” PC (Chelyabinsk, Russia) and “Metallurgical plant of Chusovoy”(Chusovoy, Ukraine) as well as installation, monitoring, starting-up and adjusting works at “ZSMK” PC.

In January 2013, due to the increase of volume of works, “North West” became “PSF Analytic”.


162600, Russia, Vologda, Cherepovets, Belinsky str. 3


Ostapenko Alexander M.


(8202) 24-70-87



TSF Analytic Ltd.

Within the framework of the regional development strategy “PhRС” Analytik” CC in 2012 in Ukraine there was established an affiliated company “TSF “Analytik”. The main challenges that face management and employees of this company include

  • promotion of products of “PhRС” Analytik” CC on the territory of Ukraine;
  • upkeep of gas analytical equipment installed at the Ukrainian enterprises;
  • starting-up and adjusting works.


86420, Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk region, Krivoy Rog, Jovtnev area, 7th district, Zarechnaya str. 12


Sergienko Maxim S.


+38 (063) 225-78-60
+38 (096) 373-60-42




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