Gas analytical system “Granat – K” (gas logging)

When performing complex geological and technological researches directly during the drill of search and prospecting oil and gas wells, including high-speed and horizontal drilling, geological information gains special importance. As a result the requirements to the analytical means that provide full information about the process of drilling in real time are enhancing. From this point of view the use of gas analyzers with new additional opportunities of obtaining information about gas logging gain relevance.

Information received in this way helps to solve the following problems:

  • identification in a section that is being drilled possible oil saturated layers collectors
  • assessment of layer saturation
  • allocation of zones of abnormally high steam pressures
  • prevention of sudden emissions of a sheeted fluid

The shortcoming of the chromatographs used for carrying out gas logging nowadays is the solution of a single specific problem. The implementation of various techniques requires replacement or addition of chromatographic columns, detectors, change of modes of heating of a column and a purge by gas carrier.

Gas-analytical system Granat-K, except the solution of standard tasks of gas logging, has additional possibilities. With the exception of such characteristics as threshold sensitivity, selectivity, accuracy and repeatability of results of measurements that other analyzers possess, the system makes the simultaneous multicomponent analysis of gas mixing both hydrocarbonic and inorganic components: He, H2, H2S, SO2. The functioning o the “Granat – K” system is based on the mass- spectrometer principle of measurement.

Advantages of “Granat-K”:

  • greater number of possible analyzed gas components
  • smaller duration of analysis cycle
  • less time to start the on-mode
  • smaller expense of an analyzed gas mix
  • performance of automatic calibration without participation of the operator
  • possibility of enhancing functions of system without additional basic complete set, etc.
  • unlimited time of the continuous analysis
  • compactness and simplicity of management

Metrological characteristics of Granat-K:

Component Range of measurement (%) Limits of absolute error (%)
CH4 10-4-100,0 ±0,001
C2H6 10-3-10,0 ±0,001
C3H6 5×10-3-10,0 ±0,001
i-C4H10 5×10-4-10,0 ±0,001
C4H10 5×10-4-10,0 ±0,001
C5H12 10-4-10,0 ±0,001
C6H14 5×10-5-10,0 ±0,001
N2 0,1-80,0 ±0,001
Ar 5×10-3-10,0 ±0,001
He 10-4-10,0 ±0,001
O2 0.1—25.0 ±0,001
CO2 5×10-3-10,0 ±0,001

General characteristics:

Characteristic System “Granat – K”
Type of the analyzer Quadrupole mass specrometer
Special facilities Not necessary, the system is portable
Autocalibration system In sight
Manual calibration system In sight
Distant diagnostics system In sight, archiving of working data of the basic parameters of the system
Special software Delivered together with the system as set of applications for Windows
Type of communication Digital: RS232 or Ethernet (TCP/IP) analogue: 4— 20 mА

Basic product includes:

  • gas analyzer
  • additional gas supplier
  • heated impulse track for gas samples transportation
  • replacement components
  • control station
  • algorithmic control packet
  • manual

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