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    6 December 2013 has finished the annual technical seminar

    6 December 2013 seminar on: “Issues of gas analytical control at industry” of using “Granat” and “Analytic 001″ systems. Seminar took plave at RC “Analytic” Ltd. office. It was devided into two parts: theoretic review and practical trainings. Administration of RC “Analytic” Ltd. would like to thank all the specialists who participated in the seminar and invites them to the following seminar in 2014. For further information please contact us by phone:(812) 388-38-14, 388-34-33.

    Shipment of three “Analytic 001″ systems at “MTsOZ” JSC.

    Systems were designed to analyze exhaust gases in rotary kilns. Taking into account the difficulties of finding location, the systems were delivered in thermostated modules. Gas analytical systems will perform technological control, ecological monitoring as well as explosion safety.

    Best vacation – vacation at the sea coast!

    In the beginning of autumn administration opf RC “Analytic” has bought for its employees apartments at the coast of Black sea in Byala, Varna, Bulgaria!

    Commossioning of gas analytical system “Granat” at “EVRAZ ZSMK” JSC

    “Granat” system was commissioned at “EVRAZ ZSMK” JSC oxygen-converter dept. in order to analyze exhaust gases at converter # 5.

    Commissioning of “Analytic 001″ system at “SGMK – Ferroalloys” Ltd.

    “Analytic 001″ system was designed to perform ecological monitor at four electric furnaces. The system was inslatted in thermostated module.

    Happy Birthday, Alexei Vladimirovich!

    We would like to congratulate our director Alexei Shaposhnikov with his 50th anniversary. We wish you health, good luck and success in his business!

    Uploading of “Granat” system ar “NLMK” JSC.

    Uploading of “Granat” system (at installation of dry coke # 2 to analyze circulation gas) was performed in September at “NLMK” JSC. System has been functioning for 13 years.

    Dates of the following annual seminar

    The following seminar on “Issues of gas analytical control” will take place in St. Petersburg from 27 Nov till 06 Dec 2013 at RC “Analytic” Ltd. office. For further information please contact us by phone: 8 (812) 388-38-14, 8 (812) 388-34-33. Contact person: Irina A. Konukhina.

    Shipment of two systems “Analytic 001″ to “Magnezit” JSC.

    24.07.2013 shipment of two systems “Analytic 001″ to “Magnezit” JSC (Chelyabinsk, Satka). The systems were designed to perform technological and ecological control of furnace gases. Analytical and additional equipment is set in thermostated modules.

    “CIRD” Ltd. – new partner of RC “Analytic”.

    In order to promote the equipment and services of RC “Analytic” Ltd., our company signed a contract with “Centre of Innovative Regional Development” Ltd.

    Shipment of “Analytic 001″ system to Novokuznetsk.

    24.05.2013 shipment of gas analytical system “Analytic 001″ to “SGMK – Fderroalloys” Ltd., Novokuznetsk. The system was designed for ecological control of exhaust gases of two furnaces. In the given system it is possible to increase the number of sample selection points from two (2) to four (4). The equipment is delivered in thermostated module.

    Analysis of gas samples from Antarctica

    In April the specialists of RC “Analytic” together with their colleagues from St. PEtersburg Institution of nuclear physics made analysis of gas samples from the lake Vostok (Antarctica), depth 3 484 m. The results of the work are being analysed these days.

    RC “Analytic” Ltd. manufacturing new portable gas analyzer.

    21.04.2013 delivery of first set of analyzers “Analytic 001 – m” to “NLMK” JSC to provide safety measures at plant facilities. Portable gas analyzer “Analytic 001.01″ – new development of RC “Analytic”.

    Congratulations, Dear Women!

    Men of RC “Analytic” Ltd. congratulate beautiful ladies on International Women´s Day! We wish you love, happiness and health! Happy 8th March!

    Commissioning of “Granat” system

    At “EVRAZ ZSMK” coke chemical shop the new “Granar” system is put into commissioning.

    New office “PSF Analytic” Ltd.

    Due to the increase of orders for our equipment from different regions of Russian Federation, the administration of RC “Analytic” Ltd. has transformed its “North-West” office (Cherepovets) into “PSF Analytic” Ltd.

    Shipment of 100th mass spectrometer system “Granat”

    09.01.2013 shipment of 100th mass spectrometer system “Granat” to “EVRAZ ZSMK” JSC to be installed at converter # 5.

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