Coke industry

Coke battery:

  • analysis of exhaust gases composition in order to control the efficiency of fuel combustion as well as environmental control of gas emissions


Installation of dry coke:

  • alternate control of circulating gases´composition in every quenching chamber in one or several selection points on the gas track in order to control the technological process
  • measurement of oxygen amount in nitrogen, used for circulaion gas dissolving
  • Effective gas analysis allows to solve the following problems:
    • recognising and elimination of emergence of highly explosive mixtures
    • coke waste reduction
    • equipment diagnostics with the operative control of impermeability of different sites of gas tracks at the implementation of gas sampling at different points of gas line


Shop of chemicals trapping:

  • control of the oxygen content in coke gas in order to detect the conditions leading to explosions

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Coke battery:

Installation of dry coke:

Shop of chemicals trapping:


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