Ferrous metallurgy

Blast furnaces:

  • gas composition and blast furnace gas monitoring in order to optimize the modes of the melting process as well as to control the thermal state of the furnace
  • gas analysis along the furnace radius and below the grist charge level in order to optimize the grist distribution in the furnace cross section either with the use of stationary or movable probes
  • gaseous fuel composition analysis, including the measurement of caloric (control of fuel quality)
  • fuel gas heaters monitor in order to provide the full fuel combustion as well as emission control


Oxygen-converter industry:

  • efficient analysis of converter gases from vertical flue in order to control the technological modes and provide low risc of explosion
  • analysis of converter gases composition for a “wet” cleaning of smoke exhaust compartments in order to ensure non-hazardous functioning of vent path
  • monitor the impurities in oxygen flow in order to provide high quality steel
  • control of emissions and optimization of spark ignition control

Installation of equipment for vacuum steel treatment:

  • monitor the composition of exhaust gases both in vaccumpipe and at the outlet of the steam ejector in order to optimize the thechnological process as well as evaluate the impermeability of vent path
  • monitor the oxygen flow
  • monitor argon purge

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Blast furnaces:

Oxygen-converter industry:

Installation of equipment for vacuum steel treatment:


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